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Vote YES on Affordable Housing

Vote YES on Affordable Housing

The Chamber's Board of Directors unanimously endorsed the Chapel Hill Affordable Housing Bond Referendum.

If passed, this referendum will authorize the Town of Chapel Hill to raise $10 million in general obligation bonds for affordable housing.

If you’re a voter in the Town of Chapel Hill, then this referendum will be on your ballot.
Chamber Treasurer, Robert Dowling, makes the business case for this bond and shares, from his heart and based on his experience as Executive Director of the Community Home Trust, why you should VOTE YES.  

The ballot reads: "Shall the order authorizing Town of Chapel Hill general obligation bonds in the maximum amount of $10,000,000 plus interest to pay capital costs of providing housing for persons of low and moderate income and paying related costs, and providing that additional taxes may be levied in an amount sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds, as adopted by the Town Council on May 23, 2018, be approved?"  

Learn more about what’s on your ballot through the Chamber’s Election Hub – your one-stop shop for the 2018 elections.
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