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- Heads-up for local businesses in downtown Chapel Hill - 
There are possible Silent Sam demonstrations on UNC Campus this evening near Franklin Street.

Together with the Downtown Partnership, your Chamber is working with the University and the Town to ensure the interests of the business community are considered in the overall planning and response.

Bottom line - business is open, but be safe out there and scroll down to read the current state of play and three things you need to know. 

State of Play:

  • From UNC via statement yesterday: “There are several demonstrations being planned in close proximity to [McCorkle Place]. We know from past experience that when groups with opposing views come together in a highly charged environment, there is a real possibility for demonstrations to escalate to violence.”
  • From the Town of Chapel Hill via press release last night: “…Because the event has the potential to be dangerous, we also encourage people to stay away from the area near the intersection of East Franklin and Henderson streets for their safety.”

Three Things: 

  1. Traffic Restrictions: “Starting at 5 p.m. Thursday, restrictions will be placed on parking and loading zone access on Henderson Street, and the 100 and 200 blocks of East Franklin Street. It may also be necessary to close portions of downtown streets at times.”
  2. Stay informed by following: @chapelhillgov, @UNC, @CarolinaChamber, and @CHDPartnership, and consider following these hashtags to be aware of the brewing tensions: #SilenceSam#SilentSam
  3. Feedback: Please let us know how this is impacting your business and how we can best support you and your business. 

Katie Loovis

m: 919.696.0781 

PS: Here is the Chamber's statement on Silent Sam from last year. 


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