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Article 46: The Goose that Lays our Community's Golden Eggs

Article 46: The Goose that Lays our Community's Golden Eggs

Article 46: The Goose that Lays our Community's Golden Eggs

By Katie Loovis

The Chamber's Government Affairs Committee meets each month to discuss policy matters that matter to the local business community. At the most recent meeting, the committee invited Steve Brantley, who is the Director of Economic Development for Orange County Government, to brief them on Article 46

Article 46 is the quarter-cent retail sales tax approved by the Orange County voters through a campaign led by The Chamber in 2011. A strategic plan was adopted along with the tax to ensure that the funds were distributed 50/50 for economic development and public education. 

The tax now generates approximately $4 million per year and those funds have afforded critical economic development projects including the extension of water and sewer to some of the economic development districts and the ongoing debt service as well as incentives, Piedmont Food Processing Center improvements, and Business Investment grants.

As you know, investments in economic development are wise investments that pay dividends because, done well, they generate increased commercial property tax revenue, which affords more community benefits. 

The Chamber supports Article 46 for economic development and will continue to advocate for the wise stewardship of funds.  

Despite the wisdom of economic development investments, there is a temptation for Orange County Commissioners to redirect the important Article 46 economic development dollars to other urgent priorities. However, like "The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs," it is critical that the Commissioners preserve and protect Article 46 economic development dollars. 

Going forward, it is important that our community work together to ensure Article 46 economic development dollars are invested wisely and generate the benefits that the community needs and deserves. 

If you would like to let the Orange County Commissioners know how important economic development projects are to our community and how Article 46 economic development dollars are our goose that lays golden eggs of community development, then email them at

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