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Chamber President Vaccine Update

Chamber President Vaccine Update

CEO Statement

March 16, 2021

Good Afternoon,


Knowing when it's your turn, and how and where to get your shot can be complicated. Frontline essential workers are authorized now, and all essential workers become eligible on March 24 (and are eligible in many counties now). I write to ask you and your employees to get your shots. It's important. It’s worth it. Lives and our economy depend on it.

Please read and share the helpful information below about vaccines, testing, and Covid infection.


Headlines (with tweet-length explanations and links below)

  • Who is Eligible for Shots is Changing
  • Mass Vaccination Coming to Orange County This Week (Friday)
  • Orange County has New Vax System and Shorter Line
  • Local Locations to Get Vaccinated
  • Go Anywhere in NC (really) to Get an Appointment
  • Tips for UNC Health Vax Sign Up
  • Take Whatever Shot You Can Get
  • Vaccine Sign Up Options
  • Orange County is in the Green
  • Students are Negative, which is Really Positive
  • It's Likely Your Turn (several counties have moved to Group 4)
  • Nervous vs. Excited
  • New Gathering Rules
  • Economic Outlook Coming
  • PPP Application Deadline Coming

Ok, now to the details (share with staff, forward to friends)

Who is Eligible for Shots is Changing
Last week, Governor Cooper moved eligibility of adults with medical conditions or at high risk of exposure up to March 17. In the Triangle, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, and teachers and childcare workers are eligible now. Some counties have opened up to Group 4 (all other essential workers)– see more below. Group 3 Group 4

Mass Vaccination Event in Orange County This Friday
On Friday, March 19, 11:00-7:00pm, Orange County will hold a mass vaccination event (Pfizer) at the Orange County Motor Speedway. To register follow this link, check ‘yes’ for essential worker and then on the final question about accommodations, type ‘speedway’ in the accommodations field. (If already registered with Orange County, register again with the instructions above.


Orange County has New Vax Registration System and Shorter Line
Orange County has a new registration system where you and your employees can register for a vaccination. To participate in the mass vaccination event Friday, follow the instructions above.


Local Locations to Get Vaccinated
To set a vaccination appointment with Piedmont Health call 919.545.3452 (no web registration available but follow them on Facebook for pop up vaccination events). For UNC Health call 984.215.5485 or visit You can also check here for information on all the local places you can find vaccines in Orange County.


Go Anywhere in NC (really) to Get Your Shot
State and local health officials are encouraging you to schedule your appointment in any NC county. Find Your Spot to Take Your Shot


Tips for UNC Health Vaccine Sign Up 
We are fortunate to be the home of one of the greatest medical institutions in the nation. To schedule an appointment with UNC Health go HERE. If no appointments are available, check back in the afternoons for daily new appointments. PRO TIP: use the phone number (984) 215-5485 and wait on hold as long as it takes. Someone will answer and they will be able to help you schedule an appointment.


We are in the Green
Orange and Polk Counties are doing an amazing job slowing the spread of Covid and are the only two NC counties meeting the CDC guidelines for reopening schools for in-person instruction. Link to Story


Students are Negative, which is Really Positive
99.5% of the 100,000 UNC student tests conducted since January have come back negative. Surveillance testing, quick isolation, and quarantine are keeping everyone safe.


Take Whatever Shot You Can Get 
Scientists and public health officials agree that you should take whatever shot is first available to you. Most vaccination locations will tell you what they are using. Find your spot to take your shot


It's Likely Your Turn (several counties have moved to Group 4)
Right now, several counties including Moore, Lee, Hoke, Montgomery, and Richmond have moved into Group 4 eligibility. First Health is an example of how you can register for group 4 in nearby counties. All counties are to move to Group 4 on March 24. Deep Dive Group Four


Nervous vs. Excited
If you think you’re nervous about getting a vaccine, don’t worry, you are really just confusing that feeling with excitement – as you know, they can feel very similar. UNC Health on Vaccine Nervousness

Orange County Health Department is offering educational sessions about vaccinations. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an educational session contact Donna King at or call 919-245-2449.


New Gathering Rules
Recently, Governor Cooper released a new executive order easing some of the restrictions for gathering limits and business occupancy as numbers improve and vaccine distribution increases. Read the Executive Order No. 195 press release.


Economic Outlook Coming
Renowned economist Dr. Michael Walden will join us again for this year’s Economic Outlook Forum on March 25 at 8:30 a.m. We will also share the results of The Chamber’s annual local economic conditions survey. Register now.

PPP Application Deadline Coming
The deadline to apply for Draw 1 and 2 of PPP is March 31. For information about applying click the following resources: PPP Chamber Briefing Video SBA Website SBTDC Website AICPA Website


In partnership,


Aaron Nelson
President and CEO
The Chamber For a Greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro

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