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CBA Issues Statement on The 203 Project

CBA Issues Statement on The 203 Project

Carrboro Business Alliance

On September 18, 2018, the Carrboro Business Alliance Leadership Council voted unanimously in support of the following statement on The 203 Project:

"We believe the library and an arts facility would be integral part of the overall mix of business uses necessary for a vibrant downtown and would bring welcome diversity and potentially more visitors and shoppers - provided that the existing parking is replaced and the appropriate amount of new parking is provided for the demand necessitated by those uses."

This statement was personally shared with the Carrboro Mayor and Board of Aldermen during the Oct 2, 2018. Watch Katie deliver the CBA position (hit time 2:16:16 - 2:32:32). 

The work to improve the short- and long-term parking in Carrboro continues, and an outcome from this statement and presentation to the Board of Aldermen was the co-convened meeting by the Town and the Carrboro Business Alliance on parking on Oct 30, 2018. Learn more.  

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