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Edward Jones: Financial Advisor - Lili Engelhardt


Financial Planning & Investment


At Edward Jones, we help clients achieve financial goals by organizing wealth, growing it, protecting it and passing it on. Using a proven approach to creating a financial strategy, disciplined investment monitoring and long-term partnership, I understand my clients' unique situations and help them achieve their financial and life goals.

You can count on me to create an open and confidential space as we explore where you are and where you want to go in life. You can count on me to do the rigorous research and analysis to build a comprehensive financial strategy that will help take you where you want to go. And you can count on me to be dedicated to your and your family’s best interest as we help make sure your strategy stays on track and protects you against the curveballs of life.

I was a math nerd at university, where I studied applied mathematics and economics. My interest in research and analysis continued in my work in investment banking, strategic planning and market development. I enjoyed the work from an intellectual standpoint.

At the same time, I love helping people – tangibly – in a way that they can see, feel and experience. This led to work in life coaching and executive coaching.

Being a financial advisor combines these aspects of myself in a powerful way. I get to help people identify specific financial goals and develop strategies to work toward achieving them. Every day.

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