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Capkov Ventures Inc.


Commercial Developers


Capkov Ventures is the capital investment “arm” of all developments and entitlements. Capkov Ventures purchases and develops property and shapes neighborhoods while preserving and enhancing the integrity of the original land purchase. From roads to water to sewer, we plan and implement a strong foundation that will stand the test of time and meet the long term needs of the development and surrounding areas. It has been our privilege to design and build unique, beautiful neighborhoods that go one step beyond delighting the client; they also delight the community.

We’re proud of our neighborhoods including Winmore, Chancellor’s View, Franklin Grove, Columbia Place, Weatherhill Pointe, Pickard Oaks, Erwin Village, Burch Kove, Bridgepoint, and Chandler. We are a close-knit family business whose mission is to contribute well-reasoned development back to our community while protecting each neighborhood’s individuality and self-image with fine homes and good neighbors.

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