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Carrboro Business Alliance Advocates for Local Business Support with American Rescue Plan Funding

Carrboro Business Alliance

*The following are the points delivered by Katie Loovis on behalf of the Carrboro Business Alliance to the Carrboro Town Council on 6/1/21 regarding recommendations on how to support local businesses with American Rescue Plan funding. Watch the video

  • In April, The Chamber implemented a “Business Needs Assessment Survey (slide 7-16)” to assess and better understand the needs of our local business community, including businesses in Carrboro. 
  • The survey unpacked two main questions and more than 100 employers responded. 
  • The first question was: “What do you need most in order to survive and thrive in the next six months?”
  • The number one response from local employers was grants. 
  • The second question was, “What is the most significant challenge to the future growth and survival of your organization?” 
  • The top response was Marketing Assistance – local businesses could use support reaching potential customers; in fact, most respondents - 69% - affirmed this need. 
  • The next highest response had to do with talent - recruiting, training, and retaining workers so the business can get back to full operations. 35% of respondents affirmed this need. 
  • The CBA Marketing Committee met last week with Jon Hartman-Brown. The CBA validated these survey findings – that grants would be a biggest way to help local businesses in the next six months, and that marketing and talent challenges were the biggest obstacles for survival and success. 
  • CBA members emphasized a third area in need of support - capital improvements. 
  • One of many examples of the latter during our conversation with CBA members was with a local deli owner, who said additional funds for capital improvement would help them afford a new refrigerator that they’ve long needed. 
  • I want to thank the Mayor, the Manager, and Jon Hartman-Brown for reaching out to the CBA for input. 
  • I encourage you to remember local businesses in your long-term recovery planning, consider small business grants as a vehicle for support, and consider focusing those grant funds on the areas local businesses identified as high need: marketing, talent, and capital improvements. 
  • Thank you so much! 

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