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CBA July 2019 Update: Making the Case for Comprehensive Parking Solutions

CBA July 2019 Update: Making the Case for Comprehensive Parking Solutions

Carrboro Business Alliance

July 2019 Update from Carrboro Business Alliance staff support, Katie Loovis, on efforts to improve parking in downtown Carrboro.

Parking in downtown Carrboro continues to be an ongoing concern and the Carrboro Business Alliance is working hard to advocate for long-term, comprehensive parking solutions.

Most recently (June 11, 2019), nearly a dozen Carrboro Business Alliance members made their voice heard to the Board of Aldermen about the current parking state-of-play and next steps.

The two-hour discussion circled on the need for comprehensive parking solutions and culminated in the Aldermen directing staff to return with more information, namely: 1) a possible pay-for-parking program in the downtown with time limit enforcement and options for private lot owners to participate in the program, and 2) scenarios that include a deck and do not include a deck. 

You can watch the full discussion here, with the Town of Carrboro Director of Community and Economic Development, Annette Stone's presentation to frame the discussion at 1:31:00, public comment beginning at 2:02:00, and the Aldermen discussion beginning at 2:34:00. 

Some highlights worth your time: 

  • CBA Chair (2:02:00): Bridget Pemberton-Smith of the Art Therapy Institute (formerly Cameron’s) 
  • CBA Leadership Council Member (2:05:40) David Jessee of J&J Futures (Property owner of 106 S. Greensboro Street) 
  • CBA Leadership Council Member (2:08:00) Betsy Elbogen of Perch 
  • Carrboro Business Leader (2:20:20) Ruffin Slater of Weaver Street Market 
  • Carrboro Leadership Council Member (2:15:40) Barbara Jessie-Black of the PTA Thrift Shop and YouthWorx on Main 
  • Carrboro Leadership Council Member (2:20:00) Scott Conary of Open Eye Café and Carrboro Coffee Roasters 
  • Carrboro Business Alliance Staff Support (2:25:13) Katie Loovis of The Chamber For a Greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro 

We really appreciate the Board of Aldermen and town staff for hearing the Carrboro Business Alliance concerns about parking and for thoughtfully wrestling through how to best proceed.

A few highlights from the discussion: Alderman Gist (2:34:10) expressed her strong concern for local businesses when construction on the 203 Project (library) begins. She argued that there is an immediate need for structured parking (a deck) and for construction of that deck to be completed prior to any construction on the future library (to minimize impact on local businesses). Alderman Haven-O’Donnell (2:42:30) expressed strong support for the local business community, opening her comments with: “The business community of Carrboro is Carrboro, and we have to support our business community; otherwise, there is no Carrboro.” 


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