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Guarantee Happiness LLC


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About Us

Guarantee Happiness is a brand with a serious mission and a large dose of meaningful humor.

Nobody can Guarantee Happiness, of course, but we sure include it as we create chic-fun-comfortable clothing while also working to incorporate delightfully interesting ways to reduce waste in the apparel industry. Our first mission along that lines is to include (up cycling) in Pop-ups: We participate at FUN RUNS and MEANINGFUL FUND RAISING ROAD RACES/WALKS across the USA and beyond, and add skirts (made from clean industry left-overs and over-runs) to tee shirts (Tees + Skirts = Tee Skirt Dresses) which are made for the events to AMPLIFY the fun, comfort, and ''cool'' factor for event tees! We also make ''high end'' Tee Skirt Dresses which satisfy the desire for dressier play clothes.

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