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At Gallery, we setup and support your IT. We got started doing this over 15 years ago in London, England, and now have offices in Chapel Hill and NYC. We work with a select group of clients and offer a personalized service, based on your exact needs. For us, it's always about quality, not quantity. Lately the big buzz word in our industry is 'Cloud'. This is old-hat to us, seeing that we've been offering Cloud-based solutions since broadband hit the market. We still support traditional server-based setups, but we're finding more and more of our clients are benefiting by moving their data into the Cloud. We love solutions that allow you to work smarter and achieve more. That's why we're big fans of Microsoft's Office 365 service. We're particularly fond of SharePoint Online, an important component of 365, that allows us to create our clients their very own intranet. SharePoint makes work more collaborative, organized, and (some say this isn't possible) fun. We get things rolling using our own SharePoint templates, that focus on the really useful aspects of this revolutionary Cloud-based platform. You end up with a unique workspace where you store and edit your documents, run your apps, and manage your workflows, all accessible from anyplace with a connection to the web. Give us a call, speak to one of our expert consultants, and find out how Gallery can help your organization use IT in a smarter way.

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