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Start the New Year with massage therapy for you and your family.

Whether you need relief from a stressful day (or a stressful life), have sore muscles, or are looking for the perfect gift for a deserving someone, a therapeutic massage can make a world of difference. While cookie cutter massage chains have their place, most people want to know that their massage therapist is experienced, professional, and will treat them as an individual, taking time to hear their needs and concerns.

My clients have included CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, police officers, actors, comedians, homemakers, people from every walk of life. They have also included CEO's who are poets, homemakers who are running for congress and comedians who enjoy discussing theoretical physics. My point is that we are not just our jobs or our families or whatever it is with which we fill our days. Because of this, my intent is to approach each appointment with an open mind and heart and treat each client as the unique person they are.

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